At EYDA we value good collaborations with brands and influencers whom we share the same values. What is most important for us is that we can see a synergy between our own mission and that of our partner.

If you are interested in working with EYDA, please send an email to Please describe how you think the collaboration can benefit both you or your organization and EYDA.

Below are our current partners:

Mette has managed to maintain her active lifestyle even after she has just had a second child. She is a good role model and speaks to the people we also want to talk to. She shows that it is easy to train even though she is a busy mother - but she also shows that the balance between exercise habits and the time to be something for the family is important.

Charlotte Nordland, PR & Communications Manager, Fitness World

At Bodylab, we work with many different influencers. And let's just say it as it is ... It's HARD to find clothes that fit all of our girls' tastes, body type and style. It has to sit and feel right - and then it has to of course be beautiful in design. In other words, there are quite high demands on [how the clothes should be]. All these requirements [were met by] EYDA's amazing sportswear; quality, comfort and great styles. The whole Team Bodylab would like to thank EYDA for giving us that [energy] for the workout - and feel good and comfortable at the same time.

Linnea Sarah Moos, Social Media Manager, Bodylab