In 2018 Eyda Activewear was founded by Mette Lyngholm as a business with quality training clothes for women. All styles are created and designed for an active lifestyle by women who themselves train a lot. Because of this, we know how important the right fit is when working out and we strive to create maximum comfort and support through our designs. EYDA is workout clothes that you won't want to take off!

At EYDA we want you to feel comfortable while being active. We believe that activewear plays an essential role, because it affects your motivation, attitude, courage and self-esteem. What you wear, is how you feel. By embracing the fact that the body is unique to everyone, we develop and design high quality and consistent products with a diverse range of fits that encourage all women, based on their preferences, to feel safe, free and comfortable. We consider it our responsibility and the core of our work.