14. June 2023

When running is more than just running

When running is more than just running

Fresh air and movement

Have you thought about not having to run by time, distance or pace? How about just running to experience the city you live in? To see areas that you have never seen before? Running with a fitness tracker can easily pressure you to focus on your heart rate, speed or distance - whereas running without a tracker your focus can be released to something completely different. The feeling of becoming one with nature and enjoying that as your focus can prompt you to run according to what feels good for your body. Some days you might want a short run and other days you might like a long and slow run. No matter the speed or length your runs are for you. We love a mix of these factors and it is often our daily form of the day that dictates what type of run we’ll do. In this way we find that running gives us a positive mind-set, and fills us with energy.


We of course also experience the type of days, after a long and inactive work day, where the amount of excess energy is virtually non-existent. Here we have thought a lot about the differences of being mentally tired and being physically tired. We often find that what we need most after a long day is some fresh air and some movement , even though that might also be the furthest from our minds.


Make a workout date

If you want to succeed in running, it can be very helpful to make a date with a friend to go running. Make a promise to yourself or your friend that you are going and put it in your calendar to make your run as important as any other date.

Being active with someone else is fun which is why we really appreciate running with our friends. Begin your run at a pace where you are able to have small conversations and pick up speed as you are nearing your finish line - in this way you can have a chat while exercising! Doing small intervals and racing each other is also a way of making your run fun and in this way you can play with different speeds and distances. You can also stop along the way and do exercises such as squats, push ups or lunges. Running with your friends gives you both a great workout and some friend-time: a win-win, if you ask us.



Do you ever stop and think about how lucky you are? Lucky to be able to move and run. Many people live with a condition disabling them to move in those ways. Being able to move and doing something good for yourself works as a way of pampering your soul.

 We as humans are motivated and driven by different parameters and it can therefore be a good idea to find out exactly what motivates YOU. Does it revolve around getting time alone? Is it a break from your everyday life? Just some fresh air? Time with your friends? Could it be the sense of community within a running club? Whatever motivates you, helps you.


Set the bar low

We take great pride in reminding ourselves and others that everything counts. 2 K will always be better than the infamous 10 K that constantly gives a guilty conscience. Lower your expectations to yourself and work on the smaller and more achievable goals. Just getting into your workout clothes and getting your running shoes on is a success in itself. Tell yourself that if you end up regretting going out, you can always stop og turn around and run home. But we promise that 9 out of 10 times you won’t regret it and you’ll be proud of yourself!


What should you run in? 

Our ultimate running outfit includes the Helene Running Tights. It is made of compression material ensuring that the tights stay in place and it has pockets for small belongings as well as an adjustable elastic in the waist.

A supportive sports bra is very important for running. Here we recommend the Elina High Support Sports Bra, which has an adjustable back closure. For this cooler weather we use the Emma Long Sleeve as the inner layer and top that with the light Linnea Recycled Running Shirt.