14. June 2023

Choose the right sports bra

Choose the right sports bra

Why is it important to choose the right sports bra?

Have you ever experienced the feeling of your chest moving around when you run or exercise? If yes, then you should definitely consider a new sports bra!

The right sports bra can reduce the movement of your chest, when you run or jump, by up to 78%. Depending on the firmness and size of your breasts, they move up to 9 cm, without a sports bra, for each running step you take. In a sports bra suitable to your activity level and your preferred form of training, the chest only moves approx. 2 cm. However, a sports bra without enough support will have you moving 5-6 cm.

Without a sports bra for training, your chest is able to move too much. This can be uncomfortable and painful and can eventually weigh down your chest. Breasts consist mainly of skin, fat and connective tissue which can be lengthened, but not contracted again. If you want to avoid gravity pulling and wearing in the chest, it is important to have a good sports bra with optimal support for your training. The larger the chest and the more movement will need greater support from a sports bra.

ALL women should wear a sports bra during training, as even small breasts can move a lot when they are exposed to for example running and jumping. 

How do I choose the right sports bra?

You should choose your sports bra based on the type of activity and how much support you need. A rule to remember is that the larger the cup size you use, the more support you need. The same goes for the more explosive movements you perform, the more support you need.

If you run, do crossfit, go horseback riding or do other forms of explosive training, you need more support than if you do for lighter training styles like fitness, yoga, golf or walking.

At Eyda, we have sports bras with light, medium and high support. If you are looking for bras with light to medium support, we recommend our styles Maria, Emma, ​​Mila and Sophy. If, on the other hand, you need high support, we recommend our styles Helene, Karina and Trine.


To ensure that you always have the optimal support, you should change out your sports bra every 6-12 months, depending on how often you wear it.