14. June 2023

Tights Guide — Find the best tights for you

We fully understand if you are struggling to find the best pair of tights for you or if you are in doubt about what they may even look like. We have provided this guide to make the process a little easier, so that you can find a pair of EYDA tights that suit you and your needs.

When choosing a pair of tights, there are two important aspects you should consider. These aspects are important to determine in order to find the perfect pair of tights for you.

Use — how will you use them?

Is there anything more irritating than tights rolling down during a run or uncomfortable leggings that are too tight? No? One of the first things you should consider is the activity for which you want to use the tights. Are they for running? Fitness? Yoga? Walks? Or, simply, for everyday use? Our tights have different functions; some are suitable for running, others for yoga or weight training, and others again for a little of everything.

Body type — what suits your body type?

Women's bodies are beautiful and unique, but they are also different. Although we produce tights that suit different female body types, not all tights fit all. This is why we have created the following guide for you.  Some pairs of tights are better suited for women whose hips and waist have about the same circumference and who are not very curvaceous, while other tights are ideal for women with smaller waists or bigger bellies. It is therefore important that you choose a pair of EYDA tights that fit your body type.

Have you found the right tights, but remain in doubt about the size? See our size guide and look up the size tables for the individual styles.

Tights with or without an elasticated waist?

All our tights have been designed to give you the best possible support; they are squat proof, super comfortable and nice to look at. In terms of what and who the tights are best suited for, the biggest difference is found in the elasticity in the waist, or lack thereof. Once you know whether you need an elastic waist, it becomes easier for you to choose between our many styles.

Tights with an elastic waistline — for curvaceous women and explosive sports

A pair of tights must fit well and not roll down. If your tights sometimes tend to roll down, you should look for high-waisted tights with an elastic waist. Many of our tights, for instance Lise Tights and Emma Pocket Tights have an elasticated waist, while Trine Ultralight Tights and Helene Running Comp. Tights  both have an elastic waist and an adjustable elastic band. For most women, an ordinary elastic waist will be enough for both running and exercising, but if you want to be completely sure that your tights are not going to roll down, or if you practice explosive sports, you should look for a pair of tights that also come with an adjustable elastic band.

You should also choose tights with an elasticated waist if:

  • your tights tend to roll down

  • you have a small waist or a soft belly

  • you intend to use the tights for running or other activities that require that the tights stay up

Tights with minimal stitching for women with narrow hips

An elastic waist with stitching is less important for those of you with a less curvaceous body. In general, if your waist is not much smaller than your hips, it will be easier to keep your tights up while moving.

Our seamless tights without elastic waists provide the ultimate comfort, and they are also suitable if you want them for everyday use or for more static activities that do not cause your tights to roll down. We recommend Mia Comfort TightsAnna Ultralight Tights or our Sophy Tights with pockets if the model without stitches in the waist is suitable for you.

Seamless tights with an elasticated waist are suitable for you if:

  • your waist is not much smaller than your hips

  • you generally do not experience your tights rolling down

  • you are looking for a pair of super comfortable tights for everyday use, yoga or other non-explosive exercise