14. June 2023

EYDA x Resea

EYDA x Resea
A warm welcome to EYDAs newest collaboration with The Resea Project.
In collaboration with you - the wonderful users of EYDA - and The Resea Project we have chosen to contribute to cleansing of the world's oceans.
For every Sia Recycled Tights sold, EYDA will fund the cleaning of 1 kg of ocean plastic. 
ReSea will be ones collecting the plastic and controlling the repurposing of the gathered plastic. Investing in EYDA's Sia Recycled Tights do not just help clean the seas. We have chosen to focus a lot of energy on making the production of the Sia tights more sustainable. This has been done by manufacturing the tights purely in recycled polyester and spandex. 78% procentof recycled polyester and the rest being pure spandex.
The polyester is sourced from waste cuttings in the textile industry - where it is broken down and repurposed into 'new' polyester. In this way we can diminish our influence while keeping our products of a high quality. 
Sia Recycled Tights are without compromise and are just as functional as all other EYDA tights. They have been on the drawing board for quite some time and we are happy to present a more sustainable option of workout tights, set at the same price as our other styles.  
What is The ReSea Project?
The ReSea Project has a mission of making the world's oceans plastic free. They work on this through various steps. from gathering the plastic, cleaning and sorting the plastic to finally finding the right way of repurposing it, at the end. 
We don't believe in unobtainable standards when it comes to women and their lives - we also don't think that we can save the world's oceans or the climate. However, it is important for us to make a contribution to a change for the better. 
We do what we can - to help you - do what you can
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