14. June 2023

Glamping in activewear

Glamping in activewear

We have been on the most amazing glamping adventure in our EYDA activewear.

With tons of fresh air and sweaty foreheads we absorbed the astounding surroundings. Glamping is a concept where you combine the luxury of staying in a hotel with the adventurous vibes of camping and outdoor living. A perfect break from the busy weekdays, where you have the opportunity to let your mind and mood flow.

 - And that is exactly what happened. The stay was kicked off by climbing in the treetops at the Adventure Camp by the town Rønnede. After we were given harnesses, helmets and an introductory course we were ready to tackle to climbing obstacles that were 7 to 15 meters above the ground. The courses are built different kinds of obstacles and ropeways, some simple and close to the ground and others difficult and in the treetops.

From Easy Climbing to Being Caught in The Trees

The first course was called the yellow course and was a complete success! We quickly found out that wearing activewear was definitely a good decision, as you had to move every which way to complete the courses along with the intensifying heartrate, to match the increasing height. The activewear for this course was a pair of tights, a sports bra and a breathable top. During the course we had plenty of fun and had the ease to joke and talk all the way through it. This yellow course gave us a taste for more and we decided to delve into far more challenging courses, the red course.

The red course is the most advanced climbing course at the Adventure Camp, and it didn’t take long for us to rethink what we had ventured into. With complete concentration there was no longer any joking, now it was about surviving. – And that is exactly how it felt. With a rising fear of the height and the difficult obstacles we were sweating bullets. 2/3’s of the way we had to, begrudgingly cave in and climb down. Completely run over by the exertion and the mental challenge of it all we were both proud of how far we game and happy that we listened to our self.

Three Tips for You

A few tips for you who wants to try climbing: It is probably best not to go directly from the yellow course and onto the red one, choose some of the courses in between the two! Additionally, you should make sure to drink a lot of water, because climbing is more demanding than you think. Lastly, wear good activewear so you take on the courses with your full range of motion.

Well-deserved Glamping

Now it was finally time for the glamping. In the middle of the forest was a large clamping tent with a master bed overlooking the night sky. The tent had a kitchen, an extra bedroom in a hut and a bathroom with a view of the forest. Outside there was a huge patio with a fireplace and a hammock, simply a tent of your dreams.

We ate dinner and changed from one workout fit to the other, as we decided to go for a walk in a spiralling tower to see the sunset go down over the treetops. In order to get to the tower, we had to walk under a kilometre on long raised path that weaved its way through the trees. Aside from the view from 45 metres height (143 metres from the surface of the ocean) the tower itself was beautifully constructed and deserves a spot on your bucket list.

Back in the tent, the rest of the night was spent around the fire with marshmallows, tea and blankets. An unforgettable day, that we never wanted to end. Succumb by the activities of the day we went to bed early, which gave us the opportunity of waking up with the sun and doing some morning yoga.